Let’s Work Together!

We’re passionate about providing brands with family centric photography & videography that draws the viewer in and leaves them wanting to learn more about the product, resort or experience. We want to help you grow your business in a profitable way. Our professional backgrounds have helped us develop an efficient partnership process to make sure we exceed your expectations.

Services we offer

  • Social media consulting: We’ll work with you to drive top-line growth by leveraging the power of social media. Click here to see why social media matters in today’s market

  • Social media influence: We’ll promote your business on our pages through posts, stories, videos, blogs and more

For more information, please take a look at our our Media Kit. We would love to collaborate! 

work with us hotel brands funemployed family 2
work with us hotel brands funemployed family

The FUNemployed Family difference

In a world of content creators and influencers, why should you chose us?

  • Focus on experience: When we partner with a hotel, we want to show our experience, not just our hotel room or fancy meal. We want to interact with your team. We know that a great experience can make or break a vacation. That’s why we showcase our personal experience in the content we create.

  • Creative marketing content: We have a true passion for creating fun photos and videos of our experiences to entertain and inspire other travelers!

  • Brand voice: We are a young traveling family offering funny and honest advice and info while traveling the world.

  • High follower engagement: As we’ve grown our followers, we’ve managed to keep high engagement rates and are consistently above 7% as we’ve grown.

  • Professional business background: As former finance professionals at large corporations, we take our commitments very seriously. We always strive to over-deliver on our end of the deal, ahead of schedule!

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Media & Tourism Features

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The FUNemployed Family is the most efficient blogger that I have ever met. All the post content, video and photos are awesome! Fleur de Chine Hotel Sun Moon Lake truly appreciated what they brought to us. I would highly recommend The FUNemployed to our sister hotels when they are visiting Taiwan again.
— Digital Marketing Specialist, Fleur de Chine Hotel (LDC Hotel Group)
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