Family on beach

Hi!  We’re Ben, Kelly and Liesel.

In May 2018, we quit our jobs, sold our house and packed up to travel the world.

We spent 10 years living and working in San Francisco. We loved the SF Bay Area, but we were busy! The corporate grind and high cost of living just got to be too much once we added ~3 hours of commuting, daycare, and a mortgage to the mix.  So, we switched it up.

We spent almost a year on a lap around the world . We saw the sites, took the pictures, did the things.

We also bonded as a family. And we discovered new passions that we turned into careers along the way. Our lives are still busy, but now they’re busy with things that make us happy.

Family hanging from palm tree_about us.jpg

Liesel’s the star of the show here. She’s 2 1/2 years old and has a personality that lights up the room (most of the time)!

Ben’s the dad (or Doodah) and rarely in our photos because he’s always behind the camera. Thanks to Ben, we an epic photo album documenting all our adventures over the past year.

I’m Kelly, aka “HEY MOM.” I like writing long captions and oversharing on social media!

We re-tell a piece of our story every weekend with our #WanderWithFun throwback posts, so be sure to check them out and follow along for more of our story!

We’re so grateful for this experience and life change. We hope you enjoy following along with our story and that we leave you a little inspired to change things up in your daily grind, too!

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~ The FUNemployed Family