Dubrovnik: Beautiful but CROWDED

We recently spent time in Cavtat and Dubrovnik, Croatia and came away with 3 things that will help future travelers! How to deal with the crowds, a cliff jumping bar and where we found the best views of the city! All of that is in this short video! : )

Exploring the Dubrovnik Coast with Kids

This video goes through all the pros, cons and budget tips of our time near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In our opinion, you should AVOID staying in Dubrovnik. While pretty, Dubrovnik can be extremely overcrowded, expensive and not always easy for young kids (tons of stairs, etc) We recommend checking out the towns within an hour of Dubrovnik for a more enjoyable, authentic experience. We believe CAVTAT is where it's at!

In this episode, we rent a boat and cruise the coast, watched some AMAZING sunsets, frolicked in the water right in old town Cavtat and took a ton of drone footage of this beautiful section of Croatia.

Beaches, Bikes & Flamenco in Europe's oldest city

Welcome to Western Europe's oldest city! That's right! Cádiz, Spain has a rich history and food culture and is right on the beach, which makes it an awesome destination for any type of traveler!

In this episode, we rent bikes and cruise around town to the beach, we check out a local flamenco show and of course we continue to eat all the delicious tapas! And, as always, we share our pros, cons, and budget tips!

How to Enjoy Tapas with Kids in Seville, Spain

We may have just found our new favorite European city! Seville (or Sevilla to the locals) is extremely family friendly, has some of the most amazing tapas and food culture we've seen and is sprinkled with amazing architecture.

In this episode, we eat our way through Sevilla (WITH OUR TODDLER!). Yes, the late night food culture is kid friendly as long as your kids can stay awake! We also visit one of the most beautiful plazas in Europe (Plaza de Espana) and tour through the world's largest gothic cathedral.

Exploring Switzerland on a Budget

In this video we give our insider tips on what it's like traveling to beautiful, but super expensive, Switzerland! And, we're doing it with a toddler in tow!

We stay in Zug and visit Lucerne as a day trip. We break the pedal boat speed record, frolic in the hillsides, visit multiple unique playgrounds and discuss how to get around in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

Discovering the Most Charming Place in Europe

In this video we give our insider tips on what it's like traveling to the wine and charm center of France, the Alsace region! And, we're doing it all with a toddler!

We stay in Colmar and visit Riquewihr, the inspiration for the setting of The Beauty and the Beast! Also, we visit some cheeky monkeys in this episode and fly the drone!

Is Germany the Most Kid Friendly Country?

In this video we give our insider tips on what it's like traveling to Heidelberg and Stuttgart, Germany with with a toddler. We talk through what daily life is like here in the southeastern German state of Baden Württemberg. The good and the bad, but mainly we try to keep it real... and funny, if we can. We share Pros (the good stuff), Cons (the not so good stuff) and a Budget Tip in every episode!

How to: Paris with Kids

Paris was Liesel’s 1st European destination and we give our insider tips on what it's like traveling to Paris with a toddler. We conquer the metro system with no elevators, visit the Eiffel Tower at night and we all eventually conquer our extreme jet lag!