Why You Should Visit North Bali

Just do it. If you are traveling all the way to Bali, you would be seriously missing out if you didn’t plan at least a few days in this area of the island ⛰


It’s CALM: Compared to it’s busy neighbors to the south (cough, Kuta, cough), Northern Bali is serene and quiet.

It’s BEAUTIFUL: We can never decide if we’re mountain or beach people, and being up here gives us some mountain time. Except, these are tropical mountains and instead of skiing, there’s plenty of waterfall chasing to be had (Aling Aling is our fave) .

It’s ADVENTUROUS: It will get you just far enough out of our comfort zone: The vibe up here is so different than southern Bali. There aren’t warungs and sarong shops on every corner, but there is so much natural beauty up here to explore that it leaves you with a sense of “yes! I can do this” and that’s why we travel in the first place.

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Why you NEED to visit Koh Lanta in 2020

We have spent a total of 5 weeks in Koh Lanta and are sharing what a day in Lanta is like…Empty beaches, chill vibes, kind people and family friendly. Koh Lanta is perfect for all the right reasons. It's family friendly, but not overrun with kids. It's back-packer friendly, but you can still find lovely accommodations, but most of all, it's got all the beauty of other more crowded Thai islands (like Phi Phi), but with a fraction of the people and WAY more beaches

VLOG: 3 Things to Know about Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan and Fleur de Chine Hotel

Do you love lakes and mountains? Our second stop in Taiwan was the incredibly picturesque and tranquil Sun Moon Lake. Sun Moon lake is in the foothills of Taiwan's central mountain range and considered an “alpine lake”. Fun fact, this alpine lake has palm trees and lush green mountains surrounding it! It’s a little different than the pine trees and snowy mountains we’re use to at other alpine lakes we’ve visited. But either way, lakes nestled into mountains are kind of our favorite thing, so we knew we'd love Sun Moon Lake. Read our full blog here, or click the video to watch our vlog!

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Best Indoor Waterpark! GREAT WOLF LODGE Traverse City, Michigan

We recently visited the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City, Michigan and had an absolute blast. We ended up with a day pass since we live nearby and didn't need to spend the night. Needless to say, it was a huge hit, and Liesel LOVED it!

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Family Friendly Loews Hotel Chicago!

Are you looking for the best family hotel in downtown Chicago? We recently spent time at the Loews Hotel and came away with 3 things that will help future travelers! This hotel was such an amazing place to stay for so many reasons, but we've narrowed it down to our top 3 Things to Know about a stay at Loews Chicago. We hope these three tips help you out! Family Aspects, Amenities & Service and Location are what this place is all about!

Swimming With Sharks & Rays in Bora Bora WITH KIDS!

We recently visited French Polynesia and found the REAL baby shark! Our daughter loved this snorkel trip we did where we swam with sharks, sting rays, eels, TONS of fish and even some MANTA RAYS! Yes!!! Here is a 1 min clip of what you can expect on a snorkel trip in Bora Bora.

Luge with a Toddler! Queenstown, New Zealand

We recently tried out the Skyline Luge in Queenstown, New Zealand and were happy to know that we could take our 2 year old with us! Part of the fun was taking the chairlift up the mountain and having to outrun it when we got off! Check out the highlights and AMAZING views from the luge track!

We Found the REAL Paradise - Cook Islands with Kids

We recently spent some time on the island of Aitutaki and found it to be heaven on earth. Best beaches and snorkeling we've ever seen. Here is a super short clip of what you can expect on this remote pacific island!

Flying in a TINY Plane to Milford Sound, New Zealand

We recently visited Milford Sound, New Zealand with our toddler and decided to do the flight & cruise instead of the VERY long drive from Queenstown. It was pricey, but SO worth it. Here is a 1 min clip of what you can expect. Spoiler alert: It's freakin' gorgeous. And... you might get wet.

Luxury on the Quiet Side of Boracay, Philippines

We stayed at Under the Stars Luxury Apartments in Boracay, Philippines and came away with 3 things that will help future travelers! This place was absolutely breathtaking and surely one of the nicest places we will ever stay. It's an amazing luxury property on Tambisaan Beach. Check out what we thought of this place! We hope these three tips help you out!

How to Visit Angkor Wat with Kids

We visited Siem Reap and went temple hopping with our toddler. In this video we give you 3 tips on how to best experience Angkor Wat with kiddos! We share the best time of day to visit, how to plan your route through this massive monument, and a little advice on dealing with the crowds! We hope you enjoy our travel advice and if so, feel free to check out or other travel videos or subscribe to our channel. : )

Scootin' Around Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

We just wrapped up a few day on the island of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand! We're sharing 3 important tips for anyone else thinking of traveling to this magical place! We stayed at Niramaya Villa & Wellness and rented a scooter with a side car. How FUN is that?! Please let us know if you have any questions about this unique island and click the subscribe button for more our weekly videos!

Thailand's Best Beach - Koh Kradan

We recently spent time at our all time favorite travel destination, Koh Kradan, Thailand! We're sharing 3 important tips for anyone else thinking of traveling to this magical place! Check out our other videos for reviews, travel tips and family friendly destinations!

Dubrovnik: Beautiful but CROWDED

We recently spent time in Cavtat and Dubrovnik, Croatia and came away with 3 things that will help future travelers! How to deal with the crowds, a cliff jumping bar and where we found the best views of the city! All of that is in this short video! : )

Exploring the Dubrovnik Coast with Kids

This video goes through all the pros, cons and budget tips of our time near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

In our opinion, you should AVOID staying in Dubrovnik. While pretty, Dubrovnik can be extremely overcrowded, expensive and not always easy for young kids (tons of stairs, etc) We recommend checking out the towns within an hour of Dubrovnik for a more enjoyable, authentic experience. We believe CAVTAT is where it's at!

In this episode, we rent a boat and cruise the coast, watched some AMAZING sunsets, frolicked in the water right in old town Cavtat and took a ton of drone footage of this beautiful section of Croatia.