Why you NEED to visit Koh Lanta in 2020

We have spent a total of 5 weeks in Koh Lanta and are sharing what a day in Lanta is like…Empty beaches, chill vibes, kind people and family friendly. Koh Lanta is perfect for all the right reasons. It's family friendly, but not overrun with kids. It's back-packer friendly, but you can still find lovely accommodations, but most of all, it's got all the beauty of other more crowded Thai islands (like Phi Phi), but with a fraction of the people and WAY more beaches

Thailand's Best Beach - Koh Kradan

We recently spent time at our all time favorite travel destination, Koh Kradan, Thailand! We're sharing 3 important tips for anyone else thinking of traveling to this magical place! Check out our other videos for reviews, travel tips and family friendly destinations!